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FIR Therapy Bed

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The Bonlife therapy centre is equipped with the latest state of the art state Far Infra Red Therapy beds to begin your journey to a healthy pain-free spine. Our proven hot jade technology is proven to reduce or even eliminate the need for Chiropractic visits. The Bonlife FIR Therapy Bed combines traditional Far East medical principals of massage and heated jade stones, with thermal therapeutics and far infra red rays to maintain your spinal health.

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We take your spinal health seriously so all first time bookings receive a free consultation with our centre Director

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We have 10 FIR therapy beds so can accommodate your booking requirements

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Our treatments last just ½ an hour so you can fit them into your busy schedule

Incredible product. Has helped with mine and my familes maintainence of help and has shrieked my fathers cancer Tumor in only 10 sessions!!! Everyone should have this in your home. Your health is your wealth!!! Peace and love xxx

Druve Patel