Try before you buy – even in your home

Try the revolutionary FIR Therapy bed for yourself before you buy. Book into our therapy centre for a trail session or sign up for a home trial

Buy or lease

We have a variety of purchase and leasing options to suit you. When you decide to buy a bed for your home, we’ll even refund any trial costs at point of purchase.

FREE on site help

The Bonlife team are on hand with all your support requirements.

Back pain and associated spinal conditions affect the majority of the public at some point. You take your health and well-being seriously and so do we. At Bonlife, we understand that maintaining a healthy back not only reduces the need for doctor’s visits and expensive trips to Chiropractors, but also helps with overall well being.  The Bonlife Therapy bed is a proven technology for improving and maintaining spinal health, whilst also reducing stress levels and aiding health and a positive life balance.

The FIR Therapy bed from Bonlife will transform your spinal health and well-being. Don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself. We have ten beds at our Parkstone Therapy centre so you can come along and try the bed for yourself. We’ll even give you a FREE consultation with your first session.

If you’d prefer to try the FIR Therapy bed in the comfort of your own home that’s fine too – We offer a no obligation two-week trial. We will bring an FIR Therapy bed and fit it in your home in minutes for a fortnight so you and your family can experience the benefits of the therapy bed at your leisure. We  provide a full set up and training session, then leave it with you for you and your family to try. In no time you’ll agree that it’s an essential part of your health and wellbeing routine, helping you remain healthy and focused on life.

Key Benefits of the FIR Therapy Bed

Maintaining spinal health – preventative rather than restorative.

Reduces stress and promotes relaxation and sounder sleep.

Improves blood circulation to increase energy levels.